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Do you need a manager to lead a specific project or as a replacement, but are extremely pressed for time? Does your company need a specialist with unique skills and expert experience? Our service of Interim Management will help you find an interim manager to cover any area of the company’s activities efficiently and quickly. Although Interim Management has recently begun to gain popularity, IM Advisor consultants have successfully completed several projects of that type. Working with us, you gain absolute certainty that we will find an interim manager to suit your needs in the shortest possible time. Check out if your company encounters any of the following challenges and give us a call.
We can assist you in quickly reaching candidates who have both the valuable abilities, and expert experience to scale up or support the expansion.

Business Expansion &
Scaling Up

We specialize in finding the right leadership for the right time bringing vetted, experienced executive who can support your business and set you up for the future.

Leadership Missing - Filling Gaps  

Especially pre or post M&A many companies discovered that using a contract executive in the role of a part-time, temporary or interim executive makes smart sense.

Mergers & Acquisitions
(Pre & Post Transaction)

Turnarounds require specific procedures which can put a strain on the relationships between the employees in the management team.

Turnaround & Organizational Restructuring

An Interim operations executive can help bring standardization to chaos and simplify the complicated.

Implementation of Systems & Processes

Our interim managers can support transformation by fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration and address any cultural barriers that may be impeding progress.

Transformation Cultural & Digital

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    Our Solutions

    Interim Management

    Interim Management is a global term used when companies and organizations assign senior executive leaders on temporary contracts.

    The Institute of Interim Management  defines Interim Management and Interim Managers as the provision of effective business solutions by an independent, board or near-board level manager or executive, over a finite time span.

    Part Time or Fractional Executives

    Part-time or Fractional Executives or Fractional Integrators as they are called, are best solution for companies who may not have the financial resources needed to hire a full-time executive or simply do not have the permanent need but who want to bring the fresh perspective of experienced c-level executives quickly and affordably. Fractional executives may work with more companies at once in the C-Suite and typically are brought in when the company does not need the full-time capacity of an executive.


    Like SaaS, which is subscription-based on-demand access to digitals tools, IaaS is on-demand access to executive leadership, whether your company needs the skills of a chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, chief operating officer, chief technology officer, or any other type of “chief.”

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    Manufacturing / Industrial Automation & Processing.


    Renewables, Energy trading, Energy infrastructures, distribution and services, Oil, Gas, Nuclear power, Mining and minerals, Natural resources, Utilities.

      Energy, Renewables & Utilities

    Cars, Trucks & Tractors as well as parts & components design / manufacturing / retail & distribution / aftermarket.


    Construction, Infrastructure and Building materials & equipment.

      Construction & Infrastructure  

    Environment, Social and Governance.

    Sustainability & ESG

    Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical technologies, CRO – clinical research organization, Healthcare.

    Life Sciences

    Broadband / Telecom HW & Services / Wireless SW Products & Services / Optical Networking.

    IT & Telecommunications

    FMCG / Retail / Food & Beverages / Fashion & Apparel.

    Consumer Goods  

    Financial Services & Banking as well as Business & Professional Services, Management Consulting, Media & Entertainment.

    Financial & Professional Services

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      IM Advisor is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, candidates, partners, and suppliers’ personal data. Prior to sending any document, please consult our Data Privacy Policy.

      FAQs for Companies

      When is it worth to use Interim Management?

      When your company needs restructuring, turnaround or reorganization. Interim management provides a fresh, unbiased perspective from executives who have seen and helped companies emerge from seemingly worst-case scenarios. Bringing in an outside executive who can apply vast experience to assess the root of the problem and make the tough decisions, is often necessary to get a company back on a positive track. Once the problem is fixed, interims move to their next challenge, handing the keys back to the company or new permanent executive to run with.

      When your business is growing fast or you launch a new product or a new line of business. While there are good “problems” to have, if your business is growing too fast, it can come with a host of new challenges. Also, new business requires a specific type of competencies which you might not find inside your organization. We will assist you in quickly reaching candidates who have both the valuable abilities, and expert experience to help through these different stages.

      When you have to manage a big project or business transformation. Companies that are implementing specialized projects can hire interim executives that have required technical experience to enable their successful execution. Whether a technology executive to set up a PMO, a financial executive to create new reporting and financial controls, or an operations pro to complete a performance improvement initiative, companies can choose to bring in the specific type of talent they need on a temporary basis.

      When you need a quick replacement after one of your top executives is fired or suddenly leaves. An organization doesn’t need to pause all operations just because an executive leaves. The most frequent reason to hire an Interim because such an executive steps in to move the organization forward while helping to re-evaluate what is required long-term for a leader to be successful. What is needed in the next permanent executive might be a much different picture from what was needed in the last. Interim Management service helps recruiting a manager for a fixed period of time and is, in such a situation, not only the simplest, but also the fastest and most effective solution.

      What are the differences between a Direct Permanent Hire, an Interim Executive, a Part Time Executive, or On-Demand Experts?

      Direct Permanent Hires are traditional full time hires who you recruit to fill a role indefinitely.

      Interim Executives are usually brought in for a limited period of time to fill a gap between hires, turnaround situations, succession planning, etc. You can bring an Interim Executive in for a few days a week or several months, based on your needs and goals.

      Part-Time(or Fractional) Executives can be hired on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. These Executives can be hired for a long duration of time but used on a limited basis over the course of a month.

      Advisors can be hired on a hourly basis. Advisors usually are Executives who have been in situations like yours before and can act as sounding boards or business coaches on an as needed basis.

      On-Demand Experts can be hired on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or project -basis. These executives will work with you and you organization until the agreed-upon task or project is completed.

      What are the differences between a Management Consultant and an Interim Manager?

      Choosing whether to take an Interim Management approach or hiring a Management Consultant can be difficult. This is because of the fact that the two concepts resemble one another. However, when we look deeper into the two approaches, we see that there are real differences between the two.
      In the consulting field the project execution is generally entrusted to junior figures who advise and propose strategies while remaining external to the company. Consultants advise and propose some operational steps needed to produce a real transformation, but do not put them into practice, leaving the implementation to the company.

      The interim manager instead is a person inside the company, who has the operational powers necessary to implement in first person the actions needed to achieve the change. The Interim Manager both advises and implements the solution; the interim manager holds the levers to definitively act on what is planned.

      In short, an interim manager meets your specialized needs, is more motivated to look out for your best interests, is actively involved from start to finish on achieving solutions, works with your own people and reports directly to you. He or she develops the strategies and then implements them. Interim managers simply offer a more complete service

      Why should I choose working with Interim Management Advisor?

      We specialize in Interim Management in Romania, building up a strong pool of Interim Managers who went a reliable verification process – our Interims are all vetted and thoroughly pre-qualified, with proven experience and expertise. They can add value to your company. An investment in Interim Managers always results in a positive ROI.

      We deliver successfully. Our global network have completed projects in over 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia.

      We work globally with on-the-ground experience and local, cultural and legislative expertise in each county we operate. We are the exclusive Romanian partner of Senior Management Worldwide network, which gives us access to 200,000 Interim Managers across the globe.

      We act promptly and efficiently. We present candidates’ profiles as soon as within few working days after the recruitment process is initiated.

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